from concept to code


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What should we talk about?

  • Development Process?
  • Backend Code?
  • Frontend Code?
  • Dev-ops?
  • Careers?
  • Consultancy?
  • Startups?


How to create apps


  • Concept
  • Interaction design
  • Architecture
  • Development (SCRUM)
  • Deployment
  • Analytics & Monitoring

1. concept

2. interaction design

3. Architecture

4. Development

4. Deployment

5. Analytics & Monitoring

How to code your app?


  • Client
  • Server

Serverside rendered

Serverside rendered

  • HTML, no javascript required
  • logic and rendering on server
  • very cacheable
  • page refresh on interaction

example server side rendered code

Lifely blog (php)

Clientside rendering

Clientside rendering

  • "API Endpoints" exposing JSON/XML data
  • REST is defacto API standard
  • Client decides what to do with data

example REST api code

Leefplezier app API (php)

Single Page Apps

  • MVC model to render templates
  • Consume REST endpoints
  • AJAX / XHR requests
  • New framework everyday (react, angular, meteor)

example SPA code

Leefplezier dashboard app code (angular)

Real-time applications

Real-time applications

  • No HTTP / REST / Request-Response
  • JSON over bi-directional websockets
  • Real-time updating UI's

example realtime code (meteor js)

endpointcon-map meteor example on github

What I ask of you?

Give webapplications a try!

Getting started

Thank you
for your attention


from concept to code